Moving walls and secret furniture.


Ever wondered what it’s like to live in a space where pretty much every room can change and hidden features pop out of the walls?

This compact apartment in Madrid was designed by Spanish studio Eliii Architects. Directed by photographer and film-maker Miguel de Guzmán, the movie above depicts the Didomestic apartment – a space that occupies the loft of an old building and strives to make optimal use of space by introducing flexible elements with modular functions.


On the main floor, sliding pink partitions act as dividers to create smaller spaces when needed while the mezzanine floor provides a sleeping area with hinged furniture and secret storage spaces integrated in the floor.


I would question how comfortable it is to crouch in front of the mirror or read a book standing up. The space could do with some soft furniture and more padding overall. But it is fresh, young, fun and… who wouldn’t want a hammock in their living room? Didomestic is a space where nobody could ever get bored and after all, isn’t that what makes great architecture?


Any thoughts or comments?

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