Sliding house combines practicality with aesthetics

Let’s face it! We have all dreamt of living in a sliding house, or a rotating one, or one that moves in any way. In 2009, London-based architecture practice drMM made that dream come true for some lucky folks in Suffolk (see what I did there?)

sliding house5

drMM’s sliding house is stunning, not only aesthetically but also because of its engineering properties. The images speak for themselves and if you want to read the full story, you can do so on the studio’s website.


At first sight, the house is composed of three conventional buildings. But the way they are orchestrated to create a fully flexible space is impressive and somewhat playful. It is worth noting that the sliding structure is fully autonomous and insulated. The architects have thoughtfully provided room for a potential extension of the house – should the clients want to build a swimming pool, they can extend the track and the structure can slide over to provide shelter.

sliding house6

Jealous much?


Any thoughts or comments?

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