The great Lebbeus Woods. #MyFaveArchDrawings

Primarily hosted on Tumblr, Architecture Drawings will become an ever-growing source of inspiration for architects, designers, doodlers and creative minds alike.
On this site, you can expect monthly updates, a selection of the best drawings you may have missed and any other info I’m sure will catch your eye. 
As this is my first post in the series, I am dedicating it to the one and only Lebbeus Woods

Timeless, abstract, speculative, experimental and bold are just a small selection of words one might use to describe LW’ architectural drawings. Interestingly enough, LW never received an architecture degree nor did he have the license to practice.

And yet,  I can say with certainty that most of us budding (and probably experimented) architects have stared at his drawing more than once and thought: “I could do with that level of imagination right now!”

Here are some of my favourite architectural drawings of his, although the list is virtually endless.

Click to enlarge.


Any thoughts or comments?

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