Georges Rousse – the poet of illusions

Georges Rousse, the poet of illusions, the magician who sees the hidden beauty in empty, derelict spaces and acts upon them to reveal it to the world…

Matsushima-Georges rousse

Photographer, painter, sculptor, architect, many are the words defining French artist Georges Rousse. But above all, Rousse is the poet of illusions, the magician who sees the hidden beauty in empty, derelict spaces and acts upon them to reveal it to the world.

I remember taking a small part in his work in Casablanca’s abattoirs back when I was a child. The amazement I felt back then was the one of a naive little girl watching a magic trick; the amazement I feel today is the one of a designer trying to uncover a different insight of the world we are living in.forced-perspective-art-bending-space-georges-rousse-19

Rousse creates transient installations that last only on glazed paper. He paints on walls, floors, ceilings, etc., always with the meticulous eye of a photographer crouching behind his camera.

He makes art that can only be understood once it’s been photographed, and yet, the naked eye only can solve the mystery – it is important to know that no Photoshop is used to create the ‘floating sticker’ effect in Rousse’s art. forced-perspective-art-bending-space-georges-rousse-11

Fixed on one point throughout his creations, his camera awaits in silence until the moment comes to freeze the final production in time. The illusion is intact, so real it is almost unreal.
Rousse has the ability to establish new relationships between the chosen space and the eye looking at it.

Like an architect, he sees in a space the potential that not everybody can, he studies the light qualities, the architectural volumes, the traces that time and history have left behind. He alters our perception of space and reality by creating ephemeral architectural sculptures. His empty canvas is space in its purest form. Visible from one point and one point only, his art comes alive in a utopian third world – the one of his imagination come true.forced-perspective-art-bending-space-georges-rousse-5

Photo source: demilked


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